Swami Says he is a Sex Doctor (Excerpt)

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Swami:              ... there are probably 100 women in my life who had their first orgasm ever in their lives with me. And then they went and they could have it with other men. I have worked, like, a sex therapist since I was ... I've been a male hooker, you know. I was with women, and then they were not rigid anymore. It has happened to me at least 100 times in this life that the woman had their first orgasm with me.

Speaker 2:          I think-

Swami:              I am simply, like, if I wasn't a male hooker. I don't have a problem with-

Speaker 2:          I think some of [crosstalk 00:00:34] there's a correlation between [crosstalk 00:00:36].

Swami:              I've been humble enough with this, you know? I'm a sex worker, okay? I'm just providing some sexual services. I have met tantra teachers who pushed themselves onto women and who ... They were asked, "What the heck did you do? What the heck was that?" They simply said, "I knew better than her. She was confused and she didn't even realize what she needed, and because I realized what she needed I did it." 

Swami:              This is a parable, an issue by a saintly man of India called [Ramant Krishna 00:01:09]. Ramant Krishna said spiritual teachers are of three degrees. Exactly, he said, like the doctors. There are doctors that give you a remedy. Like, you ask them, "I have asthma." And they say, "Take this." They give it to you. Then, you never see them again. Like, they don't care if you took it, if it solved the problem. You just visited them, they gave you a ... 

Swami:              There are doctors of the second degree who when you ask them for a remedy, they give it to you, they call you back after one week, they call you back after one month, they follow up the case, and if the remedy was not good enough then they give you something additional or something. So basically, they pay more attention. 

Swami:              And then he said there are the doctors of the third kind who if they give you a remedy and you don't take it, they put you down, they put your knee on your chest, and they shove the remedy in your mouth. This is considered forbidden today in a democracy. In India, it was considered okay that the guru knows better than you, and if I think you need a beating, I'll just give you a beating for your own good. You won't like it, and you might not understand it, but I'm still going to do it. This is a complex of superiority that the gurus all over the world have that we know better than you, than you yourself know what you need.

Swami:              I'm not acting like a level three. I have given that up long time ago simply because the modern society is so democratic and so politically correct, I don't want to go there. I think it will complicate my life too much. So for my own sake, I could be a better teacher than I am, you know? I could, but I'm not. But for the rest, remember there is this, like, if I see that ... 

Swami:              Right now for example, what's happened. Even before you, there were two women who were here. Both of them, I advised them, seek yourself a partner. I like both of them. I could have done it with both of them. I'm not. But normally I would have volunteered. I would have said, " What you're saying and your cervix is hurting. When you are penetrated deep you have cervical pain. I can solve that in five meetings, probably from the first," you know? I can ... So, like I can open your [inaudible 00:03:46] like a flower and so on. And I know that I can do it. And it's so difficult to restrain when you know I could make this woman happy in one week, you know? This woman could blossom. 

Swami:              And, like, why wouldn't I do it if I can? Just because some British guy is having some norms. I don't give a fuck on their norms, you know? I know I can do it. So, it does happen in the world of tantra, that when people are open and so on, these things are flowing. We don't have too much thing.

Swami:              I as a guru ... I've had a big scandal with one woman. Even then, most of the times, I'm recommending advanced pupils of mine from the school, and I'm saying, "Why don't you go and see Keith or somebody," you know? And so on. Because they are fitting with you. So I am kind of matchmaking with people so that I personally would be beyond this. Not because I really care about my image and my reputation because I've spoiled my reputation for 20 years, you know?

Speaker 2:          You could still spoil it more, I think.

Swami:              Less and less. That's what I'm hoping. Less and less, but that's not because I believe less and less in what I have to do. That's simply because I am more busy, I am more old, and it's time for the new generation to step in and take over responsibilities. 

Swami:              So for me, what I did was a healing and a spiritual help. That's how it looked from inside me. And now I'm passing it on to the next generation, so I'm not a sexual man yet, you know. If I don't have 10 women every month, 10 new women every month, I feel unfulfilled. I can be very detached from it, you know? It's like it's very easy for me to let go. 

Swami:              I'm coming from a crazy place. I'm coming like I think I'm the salt of the earth. And that's why I think I'm doing something good, you know?

Speaker 2:          It's ... I like the way that you phrase it because it's reassuring. It's good ... I think ... It's like, if you can talk about your insanity, then you can't not so insane ...