Investigation Questions for Agama Victims

Agama claims to be conducting an "independent 3rd party investigation" yet the investigator, Helen Nolan, works with Agama employee Shay Nir. He does online advertising for Agama. Shay is close with accused Agama teacher Ram Avnur and is friends with the core Agama leadership. 


"Independent Investigation" questions for victims:

  • Where and when did these incidents happen? 
  • How did it affect you?
  • How did you react? What response did you make when the incident(s) occurred or afterwards?
  • Are there any persons who have relevant information?
  • Was anyone present when the alleged harassment occurred?
  • Did you tell anyone about it?
  • Did anyone see you immediately after the episodes of alleged harassment?
  • Are there any notes, physical evidence, or other documentation regarding the incident(s)?
  • Do you want to provide any additional information?
  • How would you like to see the situation resolved – what can the school do to help you move on?
  • Would you be interested in seeking mediation relating to this issue?