Agama Letter to Thai Locals 

Two known Agama staff, one wearing an Agama t-shirt delivered this letter, written in Thai, to locals. In it they claim the whole scandal is just an "accusation" to destroy their reputation and that people are jealous of them.



Recently , there is a group of foreigner on Koh Phangan trying to spread rumors about Agama. This people are jealous, have a bad intention. They wanted us to close down the business, no more teaching.

Agama is innocent. We never have rape happening in the school. Throughout these 15 years we never have any problem with law. Agama people do not drink, do not smoke, and do not do drugs. This whole story is an accusation to destroy our reputation.

Therefore, please don’t misunderstood Agama and do not believe the accusation from this group of foreigner. In the opposite, we are the one supporting the community, the shops, room rental or bungalows. Most of the customers are students from Agama. Our focus is to help people to have good physical health and good mind by offering meditation or yoga and follow the teaching of Buddha as well.

All this time until present we and the community have good relationships. We hope that community understand us and supporting Agama in this tough time.