Agama Leadership

Agama Yoga Thailand was founded in 2003 by Swami. His former lover Ananda Maha is the current director with Justine Baruch playing another central leadership role. John Schluter is the current director of the Agama Yoga Healing center. Swami, Muktananda, Ram Avnur and Serkan have all fled the island. 


Swami Vivekananda Saraswati

Swami founded Agama Ko Phangan in 2003. He claims to be the “brilliant exponent of a unique and modern trend of thinking in Yoga” who “has reached high states of spiritual realization.” Agama is one of the world’s largest yoga training centers. Swami warns those who dare to speak against him that they are under “demonic influence” and face “infernal consequences for many lives to come.” Several of his most senior teachers have also been accused of rape or sexual assault. 


Ananda Maha

Ananda Maha is the current director of Agama and former lover of Swami for many years. She runs the Yoga Therapy Training Program at Agama. An insider says she has “turned a blind eye to every abuse, often even sending women to him saying ‘he’s the best at what he does’”


Justine Baruch

Justine runs the Agama Tantra Initiation training program and has taught there for 15 years. The same inside source as above says she “has also turned a blind eye, even blaming the women for having issues. Many women have gone to her only to receive no empathy and the hardline — its your projections onto swami — you have to deal with it. I was told yesterday she also has a pile of testimonials of which nothing was ever done with.”