Accused Teachers

In addition to Swami several Agama teachers have been accused of sexual assault or rape.  See the original article for the full accounts of Swami and all of the accused Agama teachers. 



Somananda is accused of raping a woman during a yoni massage at Agama. She claims that all of a sudden she experienced something different than a finger inside of her and looked up and saw him full naked with his penis inside of her.


Muktananda Mistry

Muktananda is accused of taken advantage of a student after she collapsed in yoga class. he also allegedly told a woman who was raped by Swami that he had done that to heal her and to essentially get the demons out of her. And he allegedly sent one woman several "dick pics" over the years as well. See the original article for the full account. 


Serkan Temel

Serkan is accused of forcibly having sex with an Agama employee. Despite repeatedly telling him no and trying to push him off he kept pressuring her until he was able to have sex with her. See the original article for the full account. 


Ram Avnur

From the article: An Agama staff member ...was approached by Serkan and Ram Avnur, another advanced teacher, in a “very predatory like way.” She says she was “completely overwhelmed by the situation” and that she “got really scared.” See the original article for the full account.