Agama Justice is an informational site with up to date news about the sexual abuse scandal at Agama Yoga in Ko Phangan, Thailand.  



On July 24th, 2018 investigative journalist Be Scofield published an in depth expose about sexual assault and rape at Agama Yoga by it's founder Swami Vivekananda Saraswati and several senior instructors. The article also chronicled the culture of enabling that allowed sexual misconduct to continue for years.  Agama leadership, Ananda Maha and Justine Baruch, ignored, downplayed and hid serious allegations of sexual assault for years former staff and students claim. Four days after the publication of the article, Swami fled Ko Phangan indefinitely, not publicizing his whereabouts. His secretary said he was not available for comment for the article, nor has he released a statement since the article was published.

Agama's leadership has been called into question since the scandal broke as they have yet to formally announce a separation from Swami. An attendee at the public meeting held in Enlightenment Hall with Maha reported that it was “a big cover up. No acknowledgements. There was no compassion for the victims.” In regards to the numerous women who have come forth with sexual abuse stories, Maha said “It had all been their own perception, because of the wounds they were already carrying” the attendee reported. 

Several staff members and yoga teachers have quit since the scandal broke. One claims that many of them quit after realizing that Agama leadership has no real interest in changing or addressing the hurt and pain that has been caused:

“Several teachers have resigned. They saw that the school has no real intentions to change and [they were going to] keep up the denial and secrecy. I’m of course one of the teachers who said we can’t stand behind a system that doesn’t stand behind its teachers and students who got hurt. We started to see all the manipulation.”

The lackluster response, continued attempts at covering up the story and manipulating staff have led some to question the groups cult dynamics. 

A Facebook group called "Boycott Agama," started by island native Gregory Self, has become a central place for information, updates and news.