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JULY 24TH, 2018 - An article is published by journalist Be Scofield that exposes sexual assault and rape at Agama Yoga by it's founder and senior teachers. 4 days later Swami flees the country indefinitely. 

Women Accuse Agama Yoga Founder Swami Vivekananda Saraswati of Sexual Assault

Agama Yoga Leader Flees Amidst Sexual Assault

Front page coverage  of the Agama Yoga scandal on The Guardian.

Front page coverage of the Agama Yoga scandal on The Guardian.


Audio of Swami the "Sex Doctor" 

In this clip Swami discusses how he is a "sex doctor" and how he used to force himself upon women as a guru. See full transcript


News Feed

  • 4/17/19 - Jezebel releases a short documentary on the abuse scandal at Agama Yoga.

  • 11/23 - Longtime Agama director Maha posts that she has resigned from Agama Yoga citing stress and the toll on her health.

  • 9/14 - Agama’s “Shambhala Hall” catches fire in the middle of the night. See video.

  • 9/14 The Guardian publishes an article about Agama Yoga shutting down. LINK

  • 9/7 - The Guardian publishes a story on the Agama Yoga scandal. LINK

  • 9/5 - Investigative news article about Agama in is published. LINK

  • 9/4 - Agama Yoga is raided by Thai Police & Military. See video.

  • 8/18 - Agama posts that the "response rate of the affected women is extremely low" in regards to the "independent investigation" they are undertaking.

  • 8/16 - As of yet Agama has yet to officially distance themselves from Swami, state that he has been fired or denounce his actions.

  • 8/11 - Agama / Maha releases a statement attacking those who exposed the situation. They warn these efforts have the "potential to turn people away from all Yoga, forever."

  • 8/9 - Yoga Alliance suspends Agama Yoga and lead trainer while investigation continues.

  • 8/9 - German site "My Ko Phangan" publishes article "Abuse Scandal at Agama Yoga."

  • 8/6 - Police visit Agama and begin checking work permits.

  • 8/6 - Agama Yoga Austria / Linz shuts down. LINK
    8/6 - Agama removes teachers names from yoga schedule. LINK / with names: LINK

  • 8/6 - Agama reopens with very few students attending classes.

  • 8/5 - Police express interest in issuing warrant for Swami's arrest. Request women come forward.

  • 8/5 - Author & spiritual teacher Jeff Brown shares Agama story calling for a #SriToo movement. LINK

  • 8/5 Agama Yoga post statement calling the situation a "media war" against them. LINK

  • 8/4 - Agama Yoga Retreats founder condemns sexual abuse at Agama and vows to change name. LINK

  • 8/2 - Former member posts secretly recorded audio of Swami expressing patriarchal and misogynistic views. LINK

  • 8/2 Agama Yoga teacher publicly resigns and posts statement. LINK

  • 8/1 - Somananda removes upcoming Thailand tantra retreat training event page from his website. LINK

  • 7/31 - Agama cancels all yoga for the week.

  • 7/29 - Agama Yoga removes teachers bio's from site. LINK

  • 7/29 - Agama Yoga cancels Yoga Therapy Training costing them $50,000 in lost revenue.

  • 7/28 - Journalist Be Scofield publishes followup article after Swami flees Thailand. LINK

  • 7/27 - Maha holds public talk, attendee reports she covered up actions and blamed victims.

  • 7/26 - Former Operations Manager goes public sharing her testimonial. LINK

  • 7/25 - Couple posts article about their painful experience at Agama Yoga. LINK

  • 7/25 - Several news articles are published in Thailand, Estonia and elsewhere. LINK

  • 7/24 - Journalist Be Scofield posts first article exposing sex abuse scandal at Agama Yoga. LINK



"I can't continue working there anymore...It feels like Agama Foundation is still supporting Swami and not able to see that he did anything wrong. I'm really disappointed."

"Agama has been saying they will take definitive actions to stop this toxic behaviour for too long and they never did...What they do is to manipulate people who are close to them to believe they will do something. What they do is to gain time to make people tired to fight against them. What they do is to pay the local authorities to not interfere."


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